Lung Nodule Clinic

Our own Dr. Alain Eid is the Founder of the two Colorado Springs Lung Nodule Clinics at Penrose-St. Francis and Memorial Hospitals. Since 2008, he has provided expertise to the Penrose-St. Francis Lung Nodule Clinic. Along with all the physicians of Colorado Springs Pulmonary Consultants, the multidisciplinary service providing prompt evaluation, diagnosis, surveillance and treatment for all types of lung abnormalities is immediately available to patients.

It is estimated that twenty-five percent of people have lung nodules and are not aware of them until they are discovered incidentally when being worked-up for something else. A majority of the lung nodules found are benign, but it is important to follow these nodules according to national guidelines to make sure they do not grow, change, or become suspicious for lung cancer. Early discovery and treatment of lung nodules or lung cancer provides for better patient outcomes.

This long-standing approach of caring for patients with a multidisciplinary team to develop a plan of care for patients is well advanced and is what “today’s” healthcare environment is expecting, which also keeps healthcare costs low.

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